The Top 5 Must-Have Products for a Cavoodle Puppy

The Top 5 Must-Have Products for a Cavoodle Puppy

Cavoodles. A beautiful (and relatively new) mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle breeds, have captured the hearts of dog lovers around the world with their charming personalities and teddy-like appearances. These affectionate and intelligent companions deserve the best care and attention, and that includes having the right products to cater to their needs. 

We’re going to be straight with you, although they have a gorgeous temperament, are super snuggle and hypo-allergenic (big plus), they do come with some unique characteristics which need to be taken into consideration.

According to Bondi Vet, these include:

  1. Tendency to have anxiety;
  2. Digestive issues; and
  3. Joint issues.

So, we’ve collated our top 5 must-haves for new Cavoodle owners, taking these unique traits into account when selecting the stand-out products.

Whether you're a new Cavoodle owner or a seasoned enthusiast, here are the top products to ensure your furry friend lives their most comfortable life.

A Lightweight Collar

This is a big one! Not just any collar, but a lightweight collar is essential for a small breed like a Cavoodle.

The Cavoodles do have delicate necks and quite thin necks, for their frame, and they can be fussy when it comes to wearing new gear. 

Select a lightweight collar made from materials such as soft vegan leather or nylon for a comfortable fit.

Additionally, having a collar is essential for displaying your dog’s ID at all times when out and about, which is a legal requirement in all states and territories in Australia.

Our suggestion: ST ARGO lightweight dog collars. Starting at just 100g for the extra-small, this is our top pick. Cute, adjustable and very light.

For more information, we’ve written a whole article about it, here.

Treats & A Treat Dispenser

We’ve made it clear in other blogs on our stance on training and positive reinforcement. That is, training is most successful when backed up with positive reinforcement such as treats and pats, rather than negative reinforcement (like yelling or harsh words).

Of course, it’s important to have a nutritious, tasty and portion-controlled treat for your dog in order to carry this out. 

Our top pick for a tasty treat is the Get Wag yoghurt drops. They’re not only low-calorie, but they have a delicious smell (vanilla, carob or strawberry!) that is not off-putting for the owner + hygienic when you’re dolling them out throughout the day.

Alongside the treats, it’s a great idea to have a dispenser for training. This ensures you always have treats ‘on hand’!

Our pick: The ST ARGO treat dispenser. Dishwasher safe, made from food-grade silicone, and open design to eliminate nasty odours.

Be mindful that Cavoodles can be prone to stomach issues, so it’s best to test a couple of treats before committing to too many and upset their stomachs.

Ensure you’re buying top-quality treats for optimum health, with low ingredients (as natural as possible is always best).

Good Quality Grooming Products

Before you ask - NO! It is NOT safe to wash your dog with human shampoo or conditioner (we've written a whole article on it, here).

We’re not being high-maintenance. A dog’s pH levels on their skin are different from our own, so using washes that are designed specifically for a human’s scalp (or skin) pH will not be healthy for a dog. 

Now the Cavoodle does not have especially sensitive skin, that is, in comparison to breeds like the Italian Greyhound, but it’s still important to invest where you can, in a good quality grooming product. 

As a general guide, avoid cheap and nasty fillers in products, specifically:

  • Alcohol - these are inflammatory and too harsh for dog’s
  • SLS and SLES’ - can cause skin irritation and strip the natural layer of oil on your dog’s epidermis
  • Parabens - can cause allergic reactions in some dogs

And always make sure they’re pH balanced for dog’s.

Our favourite dog grooming products? The ST ARGO 191 range, designed by Harlow Harry. Made in Australia, divinely scented (bergamot, amber, musk and rose) and suitable for dog’s with even the most sensitive of skins.

We also can’t forget that Cavoodle’s have hair, not fur. This means it keeps growing. Whilst this is great because they’re a low shed breed, it also means they need regular grooming in order to maintain their growing coat. 

Of course, you will need to book your dog in for regular grooming to trim the coat, but in between these grooms it’s important to keep on top of brushing.

In fact, groomers recommend DAILY brushing, with a good quality brush, to avoid matting.

Our brush recommendation? The Paw For Life Combo Brush.

A Calming Toy

As Cavoodle’s can be prone to anxiety, it’s a great idea to have a calming toy at home for them for when they are separated from their mother’s.

The Puppy Heartbeat Dog Toy is genius, because it emulates a heartbeat, which is very calming for a pup and can help with their anxieties at night time. It's a little more expensive than your regular dog toy. But what would you pay for a good night's sleep?

A Dog Bed

Your Cavoodle may be crate trained, bed trained (or not trained at all and sleep with you - we don’t judge).

But for those opting to have their Cavoodle’s sleep in a dog bed, we recommend investing in a bed that is good for their joints. 

An orthopaedic dog bed is an investment in your dog’s health. They’re more costly than a little fluffy thing from Target, but a good quality bed, like the Barney Bed, will last them their entire life-time.

Honourable Mentions:
  1. For your Cavoodle’s anxiety: A good CBD oil for calming.
  2. For your Cavoodle’s gut-health: Good gut health probiotics.  

Looking to learn more about the Cavoodle breed? We've written a whole article about them: here!

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