The Prospective Cavoodle Owner Guide

The Prospective Cavoodle Owner Guide: Why the Hype?

It’s an Oodle Boom! These fluffy companions, also known as ‘Cavapoos’ in the UK and USA are one of Australia’s most expensive breeds. In 2020, you could purchase a Cavoodle for $2,800. Now, prices start at around $6,000 (if you’re lucky), and good luck getting your hands on one without sitting on a waitlist for months. There's no going to your local pet store, and buying one there, with this breed. We’re calling it the ‘Oodle Boom’. In the image above Nina is wearing a brown ST ARGO collar, cream hands-free lead & the silicone treat pouch.

Sure, they’re adorable – in fact, we think they more closely resemble a teddy bear, than their ancestors, the wolf, but are they really worth the $$$? Thousands believe so, making the Cavoodle the most common dog frequenting groomers in central Melbourne.

Price increases for puppies of this breed began in 2020 amid coronavirus fears and lockdowns. In fact, there were negligible searches for Cavoodle puppies until mid 2020, then the internet, as it tends to do, went wild. The most basic principal of economics follows: supply and demand. The demand for Cavoodles skyrocket – with google searches for ‘Cavoodle breeder’ increasing by 2000%, forcing the prices up as breeders struggled to keep up with Australia’s insatiable demand for this fluffy doggo. Maybe the increase was caused by society needing some joy in their life, curable by a tiny furry friend? Maybe it was the spread of the new WFH model, allowing people more time to stay at home with their new family member – either way, the skyrocketing cost of the Cavoodle can’t be put down to mere inflation.

We asked one of our retailers, Enza, who includes ST ARGO collars and leads in her puppy packs, and is a proud Cavoodle Breeder, what she has to say about the ‘Oodle Boom’, as well as her advice on welcoming a Cavoodle puppy into your family. Here are her thoughts...

SA: Firstly, what made you want to become a Cavoodle Breeder?

I’ve always been around dogs since I was a child, so my love of dogs in general is one of the reasons why I started breeding.  Being a breeder requires a lot of hard work, but it is very rewarding when you see your puppies grow up into a healthy adults and find their forever homes.  I chose to be a Cavoodle breeder specifically, because they are the most sweet natured, loving, affectionate and super intelligent breed.

SA: In your opinion, why is the Cavoodle breed so popular in Australia?

The Cavoodle is a hybrid breed. It’s the perfect combination of a Cavalier King Charles which have a gentle, sweet loving nature and a Poodle, which are highly intelligent and full of energy.  Low shedding and medium size of the breed I have found, are perfect for almost everyone. All these factors are appealing to the majority of Australians looking for a perfect sized hypo-allergenic companion which are non-aggressive and importantly: tolerant with children.

SA: Is a Cavoodle a good breed of dog for a family?

The Cavoodle is the perfect companion for a family. They are low shedding, hypoallergenic, playful, easy to train, fantastic with children and other dogs and a perfect size. Great to take away on holidays with you. They require low intensity exercise. The low exercise requirement of Cavoodles makes them suitable for small homes with little or no yard and apartments.  They will love playtime at parks just as much as watching television with you.

SA: Are Cavoodles Hypoallergenic?

Yes. Cavoodles are hypoallergenic which means they are a low-shedding breed.  This trait is taken on from the Poodle Parent (usually the father) which is a non-shedding breed. In general, but not in all cases, they are ideal for allergy sufferers in the home.

SA: How big will a Cavoodle grow to?

Cavoodles can vary in size, and this is mainly due to the crossing of the Cavalier King Charles and Poodle parent. Genetics will determine the size of your puppy, as well as whether they are the runt of the litter. But in general, Cavoodles can be weigh approximately 5 – 15kg fully grown.

💡Pro Tip: For a Toy Cavoodle, we recommend the size Small collar and harness. For a Cavoodle between 8-15kg, we recommend the size medium collar and harness.

SA: How to check for scams when purchasing a Cavoodle & what accreditation should a breeder have? 

Number one: A breeder should have a source number and a breeder’s number. As well as this, a legitimate breeder should be able and willing to talk to you over the phone or FaceTime. This is a great way to verify authenticity.

 There are a number of things you should do before selecting your breeder of choice to avoid being scammed.

  1. Look up breeders ABN, Website, Breeders number, Source number, Website, do Google reverse image searches & search phone numbers;
  2. Only go on reputable sites such as Right Paw or Puppy Scam Awareness Australia’s Breeders Directory;
  3. Look out for words that don’t seem to be Australian such as “Potty Trained”, “shipping”, “Cavapoo” etc.
And when it comes to pricing, remember the saying: ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.’ Puppy prices range from anywhere between $4,500 - $9,000AUD. Anything marketed under this range will require some extra verification, as this would be considered cheap compared to other market prices.

SA: At what age should I bring my puppy home?

The law does not actually permit a breeder to release a puppy to their new home prior to 8 weeks of age. This is because it has been found that it is crucial to a puppy’s development that they stay with their mother until at least 8 weeks of age. So much learning occurs during this time. Some breeders choose to keep puppies until 10 or even 12 weeks of age, and this is completely up to the individual breeder.

SA: What are the ‘must-have’ products for a Cavoodle Puppy?

It is so daunting bringing a new puppy home, no matter how much experience you have, and so it’s important to be prepared with the essentials to make the transition easier for you and your new puppy. Most breeders will provide you with a puppy pack when you pick up your puppy which may contain essential items such as:

  • Crate or bed;
  • Puppy Food;
  • Blanket;
  • Toy;
  • Food and water bowl;
  • Lightweight Collar and lead;
  • Puppy take home information booklet;
  • Puppy-friendly Shampoo/Conditioner (try our pH balanced conditioning shampoo);
  • Worming liquid/tablet;
  • Slicker brush; and
  • Stainless steel comb.
💡Pro-Tip: To cut bath-time in half, try our 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo for puppies. We have a vet-approved, Aussie-made ultra gentle conditioning shampoo which is perfect for puppies who lose interest in baths quickly!

SA: What are the top 5 DONT'S when bringing your puppy home?

Don’t wake up a sleeping puppy

Sleep is extremely important to your puppy's development. They are growing very quickly, learning new sounds, sights and smells and playing constantly. They need sleep to re fuel and process all their experiences. 

Don’t over stimulate your puppy

Too much too soon is not good for a puppy. Exposures in small amounts for a puppy is ample at their puppy stage. Recognise your puppies stress signals and remove them to retreat for a rest.

Don’t humanise your puppy

A lot of puppy owners make the mistake of mothering their puppy.  Remember: They are dogs, not babies. Over-mothering is one of the main reasons why you a lot of Cavoodles suffer from separation anxiety. Whilst it’s tempting to play mother hen, it won’t do your puppy any good in the long run if this leads to anxiety. Your puppy needs to understand who is the leader while still feeling safe and trusting you. 

Don’t allow your puppy to jump on or off your couch, bed, chairs etc

Cavoodles can be prone to patella issues. This is a small breed issue and generally caused by environmental factors.  The joints in your puppy’s legs are still growing and extremely delicate. Allowing them to jump on and off furniture can cause Patella issues down the track, so it’s best to avoid excessive jumping.

Don’t allow access to your entire home

If you are allowing your puppy to have access your entire home this is giving your puppy unrealistic expectations. You will find toilet training virtually impossible and items chewed on in your home. Allocate an area for your puppy that is small and controlled. So a space for toileting preferably near the doggy door and a space for sleep and play. Eventually this space will increase in time.

SA: What are the top 5 ‘Do’s’ when bringing your puppy home?

Do meet your dogs needs in order

Dogs require 3 innate needs that need to be met in order:

Number One: Rules, Limitations and boundaries;

Number Two: Exercise and stimulation (such as brain games); and

Number Three: Love and affection.

Not meeting these in order can lead to an anxious an unfulfilled puppy.

Do continue to socialize your puppy

During the ages of 8 – 16 weeks of age it is incredibly important to continue to socialise your puppy in small doses. These include different sight, sounds, smells and places. Remember do not overwhelm your puppy with long periods of exposure. They should be short and positive experiences. Try 5 minutes showing them the vacuum off. See how they go. Gradually you can increase exposure and turn on the vacuum etc. Training is all about positive experiences.

 Want to know more about the importance of positive reinforcement in training? Read our training blog here.  

When it comes to toilet training: Be Persistent, Do give Praise and be Patient

I like to call this the three P’s when it comes to toilet training.  Introduce your puppy immediately to the area you would like them to toilet in.  I would avoid synthetic or wee pads. Toilet training does require you to be persistent and patient and to make it a big deal do a song and dance once they have toileted. 

Do keep up with vaccinations and worming schedules

Your breeder should supply you with their worming schedule and a vaccination card to know when next their next vaccination is due.  Until your puppy has had all three vaccinations its “all four off the floor” when out and about to avoid disease, sickness or infection that their young immune system is unable to cope with.

Do enrol your puppy into puppy preschool

Puppy school is a great way to introduce some basic training to your new puppy.  It also allows your puppy some socialisation with other puppies that have not yet been fully vaccinated.

SA: Why do you choose ST ARGO products in your puppy packs?

I was drawn to ST ARGO products for my puppy packs for a number of reasons. I love the fact that they are based in Melbourne, and are completely 100% Australian owned. Supporting Australian owned businesses is very important to me. Their leads, harnesses and collars are made from PU vegan leather and all materials are ethically sourced.

I was also excited to learn that for every order online, ST ARGO supports Muddy Paws, which help shelter pets find homes & a better life. I love the fact that they give back, especially to help our beloved dogs.

As always, if you have any questions specific to this article and Cavoodle puppies, we recommend speaking to an expert. Enza’s wealth of knowledge can be accessed via her website here.

Cavoodles are hypoallergenic and one of the cuddliest and most affectionate dog breeds of our time, making them perfect family companions. On top of this, they come pint-sized which is ideal for couples or families with smaller abodes. Thousands of years of breeding has resulted in this super-affectionate dog. Is there really any wonder why the Cavoodle is one of Australia’s most popular and beloved dog breeds? We say they're worth the hype.

For sizing of collars and harnesses for Cavoodles, we recommend our extra small collar and harness for puppies under 4 months, and the small for dogs over 4 months. Some Cavoodles on the larger side (over 9kg) may eventually grow into a medium harness. See our size guide here.

Lost with what to have ready when you bring your new puppy home? Check out our list of must-haves when bringing your new dog home! 
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