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Frequently Asked Questions

My dog is in between sizes, can you help with sizing?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend sizing up if your dog is in-between sizes. Refer to our size-guide for comprehensive sizing recommendations.

What supplies do you need to walk a dog?

To have a successful and enjoyable dog walk, you'll need a few essential supplies. The ST ARGO walk sets offer a comprehensive solution, including a dog leash, poop bag holder, and a harness or collar, ensuring comfort and control. These sets also often come with additional accessories like treat pouches or poop bags, making them a convenient and practical choice for all your dog walking needs.

Can you use a collar and a lead with a puppy?

Yes, using a collar and lead is appropriate for a puppy, especially as they begin their training and walks. The ST ARGO collar and lead combination is an excellent choice, as it provides a secure and comfortable fit for your puppy while allowing you to maintain control and ensure their safety during walks and outings.

Does my dog need a harness or collar?

In general, harnesses are easier on dogs than collars. For example, the ST ARGO harness offers more even weight distribution when walking your dog, which can alleviate back pain. They're also no-pull so far less likely to cut your dog's throat while on a walk, causing injury. If you are training a dog to walk obediently on a leash, you may want to consider a harness.

Are your products suitable for use at the beach?

Our products are not suitable for regular use in salt water. The salty water causes our vegan leather to peel and hardware to tarnish. To protect your item(s), please avoid use at the beach.

Is this a comfortable collar for my dog?

Yes, with 5 holes of adjustability and a lightweight PU vegan leather design, our dog collar will be your dog's new collar of choice.

How does the poop bag holder attach to the leash?

Undo the strap located at the back of the holder and slide through the gap at the top of the lead. Secure the strap back onto the holder and you're done.

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