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Viral for a reason, this is a smooth, egg-shaped treat pouch holder for your dog treaties. The treat pouch comes with a removable clip so you can bring it with you, everywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dog treat pouch?

The ST ARGO dog treat pouch is a specially designed accessory that allows dog owners to conveniently carry and dispense treats during training sessions or walkies. It features a lightweight silicone design that can attach securely to a belt, bag or leash, ensuring easy access to treats whenever needed.

Why use a treat pouch?

A treat pouch offers several benefits during dog training sessions. Firstly, it provides easy and quick access to treats, allowing for timely rewards and reinforcement of desired behaviours. Additionally, a treat pouch helps keep your hands free and pockets clean, ensuring you can focus on training and maintaining a positive interaction with your dog. For a practical and convenient treat pouch option, we highly recommend the ST ARGO treat pouch, designed with functionality and ease of use in mind.

Where do I attach the treat pouch?

Wherever you like. Make a statement by wearing it on your jeans, or opt for functionality by attaching it to your Dog Carrier or Leash.

Are treats necessary for dog training?

While treats are not the only method for dog training, they are highly effective and widely used as a positive reinforcement tool. Treats serve as a motivator and can help reinforce desired behaviours during training sessions. To ensure easy access to treats, we recommend using the ST ARGO treat pouch. Its convenient design allows you to keep treats within reach, making it a valuable accessory for successful and rewarding training sessions.

Can you give a dog too many treats while training?

Yes, it is possible to give a dog too many treats while training. Treats should be used in moderation to avoid overfeeding and potential weight gain. It's important to find a balance and consider the size, health, and dietary needs of your dog when determining the appropriate amount of treats to use during training sessions.

How do I train my dog to come when called every time?

Training your dog to come when called consistently requires a combination of positive reinforcement and consistent practice. Start in a controlled environment with minimal distractions and use a clear and enthusiastic command, such as "come" or their name. Reward your dog with treats and praise every time they respond correctly. To make training sessions more effective and convenient, we recommend using the ST ARGO treat pouch, allowing you to keep treats easily accessible.

Is it better to train dogs with treats or praise?

When it comes to dog training, a combination of treats and praise is often the most effective approach. Treats serve as a powerful motivator, providing an immediate reward for desired behaviours. For a convenient training tool that allows you to carry and dispense treats easily, we highly recommend the ST ARGO treat pouch. Its practical design ensures quick access to treats during training sessions, making it a valuable asset in your training routine.

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