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Take the lead, with our premium vegan leather dog leads or our latest release hands-free lead, featuring custom ST ARGO hardware. Our minimalistic leashes are suitable for dogs of all sizes, with a weight-bearing capacity of 105kg. It's all in the details. Designed in Melbourne.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lead is best for a puppy?

Training your puppy, especially in high-traffic areas, requires a higher level of control to ensure they remain out of harm's way while learning how to walk on a leash. The ST ARGO dog lead is 130cm long and allows you to keep your new puppy close to you, assisting in training in the early stages. Our hands-free lead is 260cm, but still a suitable option for puppies if you make sure to use the cross body function. Check our our guide on selecting the best leash for your dog.

How do you stop a dog from pulling when walking?

Designed to attach seamlessly to your dog leash, the innovative ST ARGO dog treat pouch is the secret weapon in training your dog to walk without pulling. By keeping your furry companion close and focused on the enticing treats within reach, the pouch helps redirect their attention and discourages pulling behavior.

Can the ST ARGO lead be used for small dogs?

Absolutely. The vegan leather of our lead is super lightweight. The clasp is heavy-duty to ensure your dog does not break the clasp whilst still being a less-chunky sized clasp than many other brands.

Is the ST ARGO lead waterproof?

The ST ARGO lead is water-resistant, not water-proof. Our vegan leather leads are finished in a water-resistant coating to ensure the super-soft vegan leather is not damaged when it inevitably comes into contact with moist materials. Be sure to dry your lead if it becomes drenched.

Will using a hands-free leash help my dog maintain a steady pace while jogging?

Yes, using a hands-free leash can help encourage your dog to maintain a steady pace while jogging. The freedom of movement provided by the hands-free design allows your dog to find their natural rhythm, making for a more enjoyable and efficient jogging experience for both you and your furry companion.

How does the Poop Bag Holder attach to the ST ARGO lead?

Undo the strap located at the back of the holder and slide through the gap at the top of the lead. Secure the strap back onto the holder and you're done.

What lead stops a dog pulling?

Experience the ultimate control with our ST ARGO dog leash and no pull dog harness. Say goodbye to pulling as you walk your furry friend. For added convenience when opting for a collar and lead combo, consider using our treat pouch to keep your dog close and focused, providing a distraction-free walking experience.

Are hands-free leashes suitable for jogging or running with my dog?

Yes. Hands-free leashes are perfect for jogging or running with your dog, providing you with the freedom to move without being tethered to a traditional leash. With a hands-free lead like ST ARGO's, you can maintain control over your dog while maintaining your pace and stride, whether you are taking a walk, jog or run.

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If you are really looking to step things up, elevate your walk with a poop bag holder, integrating seamlessly with our hands-free & standard leads.

It is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured.
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