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Whether you have questions about sizing for your dog, shipping questions or other product related enquiries, we have the answers.

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Will my dog fit in the LOLA Dog Carrier?

The LOLA carrier is suitable for all dogs up to 7kgs.

Do you have no-pull harnesses?

Yes, all of our harnesses are no-pull. Attach your lead to the D-ring located under your dog's chin to make your harness no-pull.

Is this a comfortable collar for my dog?

Yes, with 5 holes of adjustability and a lightweight PU vegan leather design, our dog collar will be your dog's new collar of choice.

Is your dog lead safe for my bigger dog?

Our dog leads have been rigorously tested to ensure a 100kg tensile strength guarantee, suitable for dogs big and small.

Do your Poop Bags fit into holders from other brands?

Our Poop Bags sure do, but your dog's walk game won't be as stylish.

How does the Poop Bag Holder attach to the lead?

Undo the Poop Bag Holder strap located at the back of the holder and slide through the gap at the top of the lead. Secure the strap back onto the holder and you're done.

Are hands-free leashes good for dogs?

Yes. Hands-free leashes, like ST ARGO's Hands Free Dog Lead, offer numerous benefits for both dogs and their owners. By keeping your hands free during walks or runs, you can engage in various activities while still providing your furry friend with the exercise and attention they need. ST ARGO's lead ensures a secure connection, allowing your dog to move freely while maintaining control and safety.

What dog leash is best for walking?

For walking, running, or hiking with your dog, ST ARGO's Hands Free Dog Lead stands out as an excellent choice. The silicone adjuster allows for easy length customisation, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for both you and your dog. The custom hardware and silky smooth rope material not only add durability but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the leash.

Why use a treat pouch?

A treat pouch offers several benefits during dog training sessions. Firstly, it provides easy and quick access to treats, allowing for timely rewards and reinforcement of desired behaviours. Additionally, a treat pouch helps keep your hands free and pockets clean, ensuring you can focus on training and maintaining a positive interaction with your dog. For a practical and convenient treat pouch option, we highly recommend the ST ARGO treat pouch, designed with functionality and ease of use in mind.

Where do I attach the treat pouch?

Wherever you like. Make a statement by wearing it on your jeans, or opt for functionality by attaching it to your Dog Carrier or Leash.

I’ve misplaced my first purchaser code. How can I find it?

Feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team: team@st-argo.com to see if we can assist with locating your discount code.

My dog is in between sizes, can you help with sizing?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend sizing up if your dog is in-between sizes. Refer to our size-guide for comprehensive sizing recommendations.

Are your products suitable for use at the beach?

Our products are not suitable for regular use in salt water. The salty water causes our vegan leather to peel and hardware to tarnish. To protect your item(s), please avoid use at the beach.

I thought shipping was free, so why is it charging me for shipping?

Shipping is free for all AU customers. If the amount ordered is under $150 & you live abroad, shipping will be $19.95. Refer to our Shipping Policy.

How long does shipping take to the USA?

Shipping times to the US are seasonal and vary. However, a general rule of thumb is 10 business days.

I’m from the EU, do I have to pay import taxes?

If your item is received and eligible for local import taxes, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to cover these. ST ARGO bears no duty to cover these costs. The cost of local import taxes varies depending on location and cost of goods. Check your national postal service website for tax estimations.

My shipment is overdue, how do I track it?

You will have been provided with a tracking number upon dispatch of your order. If your shipment is overdue, check in with the carrier to enquire about the delay. You can also contact the team at team@st-argo.com for assistance.