Our Top Pick Products for Your Puppy

Our Top Pick Products for Your Puppy

 From the best lightweight puppy harness to the most luxurious puppy bed to super cute poop bags that will literally get you 'out of a mess'... here's your: Ultimate Puppy Checklist.

Puppy Must-Have #1: Extra Small Dog Collar

When we brought our puppy home for the first time four years ago, we really struggled to find a dog collar that was small enough for her. She was a tiny puppy, and the only collar that seemed to fit was a cat collar... However, this was not preferable for her, because she could easily pop out of it due to the ‘quick release’ feature that is common with cat collars.

This is just one of the reasons why we created ST ARGO! Our extra-small dog collars are the perfect first collar for your puppy!


For reference, our extra-small dog collars start at 17cm and the last hole is at 22cm. Puppy breeds which the extra small collar is suitable for include:

  1. Cavoodles;
  2. Poodles;
  3. Dachshunds;
  4. Maltese;
  5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels;
  6. Cocker Spaniels…

 …And many more.

See our size guide for further information on sizing, including how-to accurately measure your puppy’s neck.


Your puppy’s first collar should be as comfortable as possible for them. They are still getting used to wearing a collar, so for this reason something that is lightweight and comfortable is very important. Our collars are incredibly lightweight. The material is a buttery-soft vegan leather which is lighter than animal hide leather. Our buckles are custom designed to be lightweight but durable, and sized appropriately according to the size of the puppy collar so that it is not too heavy or bulky for small and delicate necks.


You want to ensure your puppy has a collar that will not pop off when he or she is out and about with you. The ST ARGO collars feature a traditional buckle closure which not only looks sleek and elegant, but also ensure your puppy will not be let loose when on the collar! Using a cat collar on your puppy when you are out poses a massive safety risk. They can easily break loose of the collar and run off.

This is just one of the amazing features of the ST ARGO puppy collar!

 Dachshund puppy in ST ARGO lightweight vegan leather lilac purple puppy collar

Must-Have #2: Extra Small Puppy Harness

The ST ARGO harness is made from the same lightweight, buttery-soft material as our dog collars. These harnesses slip easily over your puppy’s neck, and attach via a buckle closure around their chest.

Our extra-small sizing accommodates very small puppies with ease. Additionally, the easy over-head function makes it a cinch to fit onto your new puppy.

As well as the ease-of-use of the ST ARGO harness, there is also a no-pull function.

What this means is, there is a d-slot at the front of the harness where you are able to attach your lead to. If your puppy is tugging on the leash, he or she will simply flip around to face you, thus preventing pulling.

Trainers highly recommend a no-pull harness for training puppies to walk safely and diligently on a lead. It gives you the ability to constantly train your dog not to pull on the leash and is a true ‘training hack’.

For very small puppies (ie. under 3kg), we recommend our extra-small harness. For small puppies (ie. 4+kg), we recommend our small harness.

We have a range of harnesses in five size options and eight colour-ways! Check out our range of harnesses, and don’t forget to contact our friendly customer service team if you have any questions about sizing! 

french bulldog frenchie puppy in extra small puppy harness by ST ARGO australia
‘If you have a small puppy, you need this harness’.
- Carolina Herbert, Cavoodle owner
Must Have #3: Comfortable Puppy Bed

Puppies need sleep. And boy, do they sleep a lot. The AKC noted puppies need between 15-20 hours of sleep a day…

With THAT much time resting, it’s important to ensure your puppy has a safe and comfortable space to rest, heal and grow.

What's our puppy bedding recommendation? The Barney Bed. A fellow Aussie brand, Barney Bed owner Julia has created a bed that is not only aesthetic AF, but lasts a lifetime and supports your puppies growth. The Barney Bed is orthopedically designed for maximum comfort. It comes in a range of sizes and has removable and washable covers. This is PERFECT for a puppy… 

The added durability of the bed means accidents can be easily remedied with a wash of the cover. The super strong exterior makes damage from chewing unlikely. This is not a flimsy bed. It’s pricey, but over the lifetime of your dog, we are of the belief that it pays for itself MANY times over.

Check out their range of Aussie-designed orthopaedic dog beds for your puppy.

Must-Have #4: Supply of Poop Bags!

Puppies poop... a lot! 

We have the best poop bags to help you effortlessly clean up after your new family member. Sometimes the little things make all the difference. Our poop bags are not only extra thick so you never need to worry about breakage, they’re also biodegradable! They’re carefully crafted out of corn husks which break down after just 90 days in compost environments (such as landfill). They’re also a silky smooth texture and non-stick!

Our poop bags come in packs of 6 rolls and the supply will last for 3 months. Never be caught empty-handed (it’s not a good look). While you're at it, why not browse our range of super-chic poop bag dispensers?

Did you know: Your local council has the authority to issue you with a fine for not only NOT picking up after your dog, but also for not CARRYING a waste bag! Depending on the council, this fine can be up to $200... Yikes!

Check out our super-chic biodegradable doggie waste bags today, we got you!

cavoodle puppy walk set must have poop bags biodegradable st argo australia

Avoid paying fines for not carrying poop bags on hand.

Must-Have #5: Puppy Comfort Toy

What’s the best comfort toy for a new puppy? Our go-to is the All For Paws Little Buddy Heart Beat Sheep.

Did you know, puppies take X amount of time to acclimatise to their new home. They’ve been taken from their familiar surroundings, sibling and mum, they will be understandably confused – especially at night time.

This toy is a lifesaver! The brand says its specifically designed for puppies spending their first few weeks apart from their mother, the Heart Beat Sheep is a companion toy that assists with separation anxiety. Simply press the button on the heart contained in the belly and a gentle heartbeat sound will activate, lulling your pup to sleep with memories of their mother.

Must-Have #6: Dog ID Tag

An important safety accessory is an ID tag for your dog. If he or she goes missing, it’s incredibly easy for whoever finds your beloved pup to identify them using an ID tag and return them safely and quickly to you! 

We recommend a stainless steel tag for durability, so that it doesn’t varnish or rust too quickly.

There are thousands of affordable dog ID tag options on the internet, which can be very overwhelming. At the very least, ensure your puppy’s ID tag has the following details on it:

  1. Dog’s name; and
  2. Your contact details (phone / residential address).

The ST ARGO collar features a d-slot which makes it very easy to slip the ID tag through and ensures you have done everything you can to ensure he or she is returned to you!

Still deciding on a puppy breed that fits your lifestyle? Check out our blog post on one of Australia's most loved breeds: The Cavoodle.

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