Dog Grooming Tips with Melbourne Groomer

Dog Grooming Melbourne: With Devin Familton

Should I clean my dog’s teeth? How often should I book my dog in for a groom? How do I maintain my dog’s coat at home?

These are some of the top questions we see popping up on google when you search anything related to ‘dog’ and ‘grooming’.

So we decided to take it to an expert.

We spoke to Devin Familton, owner of Baark - a pet boutique and grooming space on the trendy High Street of Prahran. Devin emigrated to Australia, after selling his first grooming space in NZ. He was planning to pursue his interior design background, but, after a couple of conversations with Melbourne dog parents at the local park, noticed a the gap in the market for a trendy pet store and grooming salon… 

SA: What’s the most common dog breed you see come into your boutique?

DF: Cavoodles are the most common breed we see in the salon, anything ‘oodle’ really!

Here is our guide for the prospective Cavoodle Owner.

SA: What’s your top tip for selecting a dog groomer for your pooch?

DF: I believe you need to have a good relationship with your groomer. We spend a lot of time with our clients ensuring they always leave feeling happy and comfortable and know exactly what they're getting at drop off. 

💡Pro-Tip: Checking out the groomer's previous work on their socials is also a great tip to ensure the groomer can execute what you're after, style-wise! A couple of our faves in Melbourne is Baark in Prahran (ofc) & Hachi in South Yarra.

And the vibe of the salon is a big thing, you don't want your dog stressing out in a space so making sure the salon feels calm and relaxing is important (Baark featured below).  

SA: The Oodle… they are SO popular but can become matted, can’t they? Do you have any pro tips for preventing this?

DF: The Oodle has a coat that matts very easily and it's one that a lot of our clients struggle to keep up with. 

The most important tip is to make sure they're in with their groomer regularly

We recommend every 4-6 weeks even if it's just a brush and tidy. I think most people assume we have to clip them every time they're booked, which isn't the case. If they're in regularly you don't often have to do any brushing at home, but if you're wanting to extend the groom times and put in the work at home, ensuring you have a really good brush and comb is essential. 

SA: Can you talk to me about brushing your dog’s teeth. Yay or Nay? If so, how often?

DF: If you're wanting to brush your dog's teeth and you want it to be effective I would say brushing at least a couple times a week would be beneficial. A one-time brush every 8 weeks at your groomers wouldn't do too much other than make their breath smell a little fresher. 

At your regular vet check up they will advise on when your dog's teeth should have their next major clean at the vet. 

We don't do teeth cleaning at our salon as we don't see it being that effective once every 4-6 weeks.. and we want the dogs to enjoy the grooming experience. 


SA: As we come into winter in Australia, what are some of your top products for keeping your pooch comfortable during the cold, damp season?

DF: Regular grooming is the most important thing during winter, even more so than summer! Because a damp coat will matt quickly without a groom. But a good jacket when it's raining or an absorbent towel like a shammy to make sure they are as dry as possible when they come back inside are great things to have. 

We have little paw cleaners in the shop for dirty paws and dog wipes which are always popular over the wet months. 

SA: For a dog parent maintaining their dog’s grooming from home in-between full grooms, what’s your hack for making this easier? (My girl wriggles for me, but is SO behaved for her groomer!)

DF: I would say having their favourite treats (and treat pouch) on hand so after they've had their brush they get rewarded for it. I've heard of lots of clients brushing their dogs when they're sleeping or at night time so they are a bit more chilled out. 

💡Pro-Tip: Getting a good quality brush, one that groomers use so you know you're doing a good job with the brushing. A lot of brushes on the market don't exactly do too much and owners are always confused when they're been brushing but the coat is still knotty. 

Otherwise if you're in with your groomer every 4 weeks you shouldn't need to do much at home! 

SA: Lastly, what breed of dog do you have?

I have a Groodle named Keka! She flew over with me from New Zealand, she loves it over here. 

If you're a Melbourne dog parent on the south side, looking for a new grooming experience for your pooch, check out Baark at 469 High St, Prahran.

Oh, did we mention Devin stocks a selection of the ST ARGO range in his boutique space...

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