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We collaborated with Sydney brand, Harlow Harry, to create a sophisticated perfume & conditioning shampoo for your dog.

Love oudmusksaffronamber and bergamot? You'll love them even more on your dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fragrance composition of the ST ARGO Pet Parfum?

The Pet Parfum features a delightful blend of scents including Oud, Musk, Saffron, Amber, and Bergamot.

Is the fragrance long-lasting?

Yes, both the dog conditioning shampoo & pet parfum is designed to provide a long-lasting fragrance, keeping your pet smelling fresh for an extended period.

What are the benefits of using the Conditioning Shampoo?

The Conditioning Shampoo offers numerous benefits, including deep cleansing, nourishing hydration, and leaving your pet's coat soft and shiny.

Is the Conditioning Shampoo suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, the Conditioning Shampoo is formulated to suit all dog breeds, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleansing experience.

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Can I use the Pet Parfum and Conditioning Shampoo together?

Absolutely! Pairing the Pet Parfum with the Conditioning Shampoo will not only cleanse your pet but also leave them smelling delightful and fresh.

Are the products from ST ARGO's collaboration with Harlow Harry cruelty-free?

Yes, ST ARGO's collaboration with Harlow Harry focuses on cruelty-free products, ensuring that no harm is caused to animals during production, just like all of our other collections.

Can the Conditioning Shampoo help with dry or itchy skin?

Yes, the Conditioning Shampoo contains nourishing ingredients that can help soothe dry or itchy skin, providing relief and promoting a healthier coat.

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