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Direct from the North Pole... we've got you and your dog sorted this Christmas. Bottle Green & Ruby Red walk essentials, Christmas Doggy Bandanas & other must-have accessories for your stocking. Gift your pet or a fellow dog lover the gift of style.
ST ARGO Christmas Bandana for Dogs

The Christmas Must-Have

Your Dog's Christmas fit is about to get a whole lot cuter with our Reversible Christmas Bandana.

Is your dog NAUGHTY or NICE?

Christmas Dog Gift Ideas ST ARGO
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A's for your q's

Frequently Asked Questions

What to get my dog for Christmas?

When deciding what to get your dog for Christmas, consider their preferences and needs. A thoughtful gift could be a new accessory like a treat pouch, a holiday themed dog bandana, or even a fun walk to a dog-friendly park.

Is Christmas stressful for dogs?

Christmas can be stressful for some dogs due to changes in routines, loud noises, or unfamiliar guests. Providing a quiet space, maintaining their usual schedule, and offering comforting toys or blankets can help reduce stress.

Do dogs recognise gifts?

Dogs may not understand the concept of gifts in the same way humans do, but they can recognise and appreciate new items or treats given to them, especially if they associate them with positive experiences or your attention and affection. So, while they might not grasp the concept of gift-giving, they can certainly recognise and enjoy the things you give them.

My dog is in between sizes, can you help with sizing?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend sizing up if your dog is in-between sizes. Refer to our size-guide for comprehensive sizing recommendations.

Should dogs get Christmas presents?

Whether or not dogs should get Christmas presents is a matter of personal preference and care for your pet. Many people enjoy giving their dogs presents and filling their stockings with accessories like poop bags or treat pouches as a way to celebrate the holiday season and show their love for their furry family members. It's not a necessity, but it can be a fun and thoughtful way to include your dog in Christmas.

How does the poop bag holder attach to the leash?

Undo the strap located at the back of the holder and slide through the gap at the top of the lead. Secure the strap back onto the holder and you're done.

What is the best Christmas gift for a dog?

The best Christmas gift for a dog varies, but popular options include interactive toys, christmas bandanas, or a special holiday-themed collar, like Ruby Red or Bottle Green.

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