Why Should I Choose a Green Collar or Harness For My Dog?..

What Buying Green For Your Dog Says About You

The Rise of Green Pet Products

Thinking about buying a green collar or harness for your fluffy bestie? Well you're not the only one. In fact, 'green pet products' is our #1 most searched colour-way online.

Yes they're beautiful, but we're convinced there's something more to this green craze than what's on the surface.

When you think of green, what pops into your mind first? Green means different things to different people. But it's curious how many different associations we have with the colour.

ST ARGO bottle green dark and sophisticated dog collar

Green Dog Collar Industry Trends: In Pop Culture

Colour preferences and trends change drastically over time. When ST ARGO was founded in 2019, the number one top-selling colour-way wasn't green, it was Taupe.

But as of late 2022, we have seen a swing in popularity, with the scales tipping heavily in green's favour. 


When we really think about it, it's not that crazy. Think about the ‘IT' girl's go-to cafe drink at the moment: Matcha. Green, dreamy, divine. What does she order for brunch? Avocado toast. What's she wearing? Green Adidas Samba's. Are you seeing the trend? Sure these are tasty treats, but there's something about the green look that is a common thread in pop culture, too.

Green trend aesthetics ST ARGO dog products

Did you know, Pantone, the global authority on all things colour, revealed that one of their most popular colours of the 2022 calendar year was Pantone 3298C - which is very similar to our Bottle Green colourway. So is it any wonder that the Bottle Green is a top seller?

Pantone green colourway dog collar

Pastel Green Dog Collar

Plus, who could forget the rise of the pastel trend? Pastel colours have gained popularity in recent years due to their soft and soothing aesthetics. In fact, experts believe people are subconsciously seeking-out soothing pastel aesthetics in this fast-paced and digitally dominated world because they offer a sense of tranquility and serenity to the viewer. It’s no wonder you also want to extend this to your dog by accessorising them in a soothing pastel green tone.

Psychology Related to the Colour Green 

If you’re not just jumping on the #greentrend, but you’ve always had an affiliation to green, it could be deeper than pure material preference. Here's what green says about your phyche, from the experts.

What Choosing Green Says About Your Personality 

Colour psychology says a person who picks green tends to be a perfectionist, analytical, cool and logical.

Apparently, Genius’ Pick Green

dog collar bottle green what it says about your personality

Green is the colour of ingenuity and learning. Scientists have found that a room painted green can actually improve a child's learning speed and retention. We wonder if this extends to puppy training...

The Symbolism of Green

Apart from the aesthetics of a cool green tone, experts suggest your choice of green may come from some cultural affiliations that are deeply ingrained within. After all, colours carry so much symbolism.

pastel green dog products

The Colour Green = Money

Start with money. It was no mistake that tech developers made the colour of the ‘cash' emoji on your phone green. Green has always held a connection to wealth, prosperity and money. And when you dress your pooch in our Bottle Green Dog Harness or Collar, it's easy to see the connection.

bottle green dark luxury designer vegan leather dog collarThe Bottle Green Collar and Leash set on a Chocolate Brown Cocker Spaniel

The Colour Green in Religion

And what about for religious observations? In Christianity, dark green is a symbol for Christmas, a colour for family, happy tidings and celebration.

This colour in Islamic thought is also considered as a symbol of paradise and heavenly beings, prophets and imams while being as a stage of mystical behaviour in mysticism and Sufism.

According to Virginia Commonwealth University, Buddhist green is a symbol of balance, youth, harmony, vigor and karma. The green Buddha is Amoghasiddhi. Buddhists believe that if you meditate on green, your jealousy will turn into wisdom. In addition, they represent the element of nature in green.

Whilst Columbia University Press says Chinese Daoism explicitly connects human flourishing to the thriving of nature. It says “green" subjectivity and agency transforms what it means to live a flourishing life on earth.

Green and Nature

The folks at the American Psychological Association says there is an evident connection between green and nature. Green lovers often have a deep appreciation for the natural world. They feel a strong connection to nature and may seek opportunities to spend time outdoors, surrounded by greenery. It makes sense that you, as a dog owner, would want this feeling to extend to your fluffy bestie.

Green is Non-Polarising

Finally, we believe a big factor in the prevalence of green dog products is that green looks good on any coat colour, seriously. With green, you don't polarise any coats like some others can. For example, bright shades of yellow looks great on a chocolate brown coat, but it might be too much of a clash for dappled coats…

But green dog collars? Green looks good on ANY coat colour. 

What’s best, the entire ST ARGO range was designed with your style, and your bestie’s comfort in mind. All collars and harnesses are available in a ‘set’, whilst our bottle green products feature gold hardware finishes and the sage products come with shiny silver d-slot adornments.

sage green dog collar and harness luxury vegan leatherThe Sage Green Dog Harness and Collar on a white French Bulldog.

You're Now Ready

You've done your research, have read our blogs and are now well equipped and ready to explore our complete green range. Check out our clean range of Dark Bottle Green dog walking accessories with hundreds of 5-star reviews here, or our lighter hard to find pastel sage green option here


FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions, Answered by the Experts!

How Do I Size my Dog for a ST ARGO Collar and Harness?

If you’re having trouble with collar or harness sizing, don’t be afraid to reach out to our friendly customer service team for some sizing advice. Or alternatively check out our size guide for measurements.

Should I Buy a Collar or Harness for my Dog?

Choosing between a collar or harness for your dog will require consideration of their size, behaviour, health, and the purpose for which it will be used. Collars are commonly used for attaching ID tags and can be suitable for dogs that don't pull on the leash. However, a harness provides more control over a dog, especially if it tends to pull, jump, or is still in training. It also distributes pressure more evenly around their body, reducing the risk of neck injuries. If your dog is prone to respiratory or tracheal issues (such as Yorkshire Terriers, Whippets and Greyhounds), a harness is recommended. Regardless of choice, ensuring a proper fit and regularly checking for signs of wear or damage is crucial for the dog's safety and comfort.

What is Vegan Leather?

Vegan leather is an alternative to traditional leather that does not use animal hides. Our vegan leather is made from a variety of materials, including polyurethane. We also seal our products with an innovative oil coating to ensure longevity of use. Our push for vegan leather stems from ethical concerns about animal welfare and environmental issues associated with traditional leather production. Our vegan leather pet products offer a cruelty-free option for those of you seeking the look and feel of leather without the use of animal products. As a cruelty-free brand, we are proud to be using an animal-leather alternative. 

Is Vegan Leather Durable?

The ST ARGO vegan leather is made from high-quality polyurethane which is treated with a special oil coating, making it resistant to wear and tear.

Be mindful of low-quality rip-offs of ST ARGO. Cheaper products will typically be made from a cheaper PVC which can be prone to cracking and peeling over time. . As with any material, proper care and maintenance play a significant role in extending the lifespan of vegan leather products.




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You're Now Ready

You've done your research, have read our blogs and are now well equipped and ready to explore our range.

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