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How to Train Your Dog to LOVE Their New Carrier

A common question we get asked from both new pup owners and older dog owners alike is: 'Any tips on how I can get my dog to his new carrier?'

We're here to help. Look no further than this blog post. 

Not only have we done COUNTLESS photoshoots with pooches in carriers who, until then, had NEVER been in a carrier, but we trained our own head-strong pup to love her LOLA Carrier.

Here's the juice:

1. FOMO. Something we have found with our own pooch about popping her into a carrier is she used to think that as soon as she was put in the carrier, she would be missing out on some play-action (she's a ball of bouncy energy_. This is a common problem dog owners come up against with crate training also. We recommend positive encouragement. Make a game of them hopping into the carrier and STAYING in the carrier. Throw a toy in there, chuck a ball in there. No FOMO, no problems! 

2. Anxiety. If your pooch is prone to anxiety (ours is) no doubt they will be nervous when being put in a foreign object. We suggest practising popping them inside the carrier somewhere safe (such as at home) and using whatever positive reinforcement works best for your pup to encourage calmness. Pop on classical music, praise them, feed them treats, talk calmly, cuddles, pats (it's all good) and bring up the mood of the situation to alleviate any stress they may be feeling.

3. Uncertainty. New bag, who dis? A large foreign object in your home doesn't necessarily encourage all dogs to go up and jump right in - well, not our pooch. Get your pooch used to the carrier! Have the carrier in the living room, open. Have it in the backyard when you're out there. Give your pup time throughout the day to go up, sniff, look around the carrier and judge for themselves that it isn't anything to worry about. Remember, whenever your pooch sniffs the bag, looks at the bag or goes in the bag, they are a GOOD BOY/GIRL and should be praised!

4. Positive Association. Your dog loves you. They would come to work with you every day if they had their choice. Ultimately, this carrier means you can take your pup more places. You know this (it's why you made your purchase) but your pooch doesn't! You need to somehow train them to know that this carrier means they can come out with you! What we suggest: pop the carrier at the front door. Every time you leave the house, bring the carrier outside with you. Your dog's smart, they'll get it. 

Find out how to find the right carrier for you.

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