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How to Choose the Best Dog Carrier

We really struggled to find a stylish dog carrier when we were purchasing our puppy. We wanted something designer, without the price tag. We wanted something by an ethical brand, without compromising on luxury. 

That's when we decided to start our own luxury designer dog brand that used vegan materials!

There are 3 golden rules for choosing the best dog carrier for you and your furry companion. 

1. Make sure your pup is comfortable

2. Make sure you can train your pup in the carrier

3. Make sure you like the carrier so you are more likely to use it and get your money's worth!

Our pet carriers emulate women's designer brands like what you see in the department stores over the globe. 

Our dog totes are VEGAN friendly and ethically sourced. Our stylish dog bags are even fully lined with 100% recycled materials! 

What's great about this, is you can simply wipe the inside clean if it gets dirty! Caring for your dog accessories is important - we like to design products that will last.

All of our carriers have a COSY interior with faux fur cushioning so that your pooch feels comfortable. It is important to make sure your puppy wants to be in the dog purse so that it is easy to bring them with you in the car or down the street. This ensures they stay calm and enjoy their trips out with you!

Our dog handbag (LOLA) features an open style with a chin rest. This is important if your dog is one that is restless and likes to look out at the world around them. It puts them at ease to see you carrying them and helps with the bonding process. They have total trust in you!

It is important to ensure that the dog carrier can be hands-free. For this reason, we have added removable and adjustable shoulder straps so that you can carry your puppy around with ease. 

These dog tote bags really are a luxury item. We hope you love them as much as your dog will - this is why we have designed them to be luxurious, fashionable and stylish for humans and dogs! Try out the LOLA dog carrier.

Find out how to train your dog to love their new carrier.

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