Best Dog Collar for a Staffy

The Best Dog Collar for a Staffy

The Staffy. Your (pretty) high-energy, froggy-looking, sleek coated, friendly boof head.

A highly popular dog breed in Australia - up there with the Labradors, Collies and Oodles.


To start with, they’re the perfect size for most lifestyles. Big enough to be considered a ‘dog dog’ - they’ll chase you into the water, run for hours and can hold their own at the dog park. But compact enough that they’re fairly portable and suitable for smaller houses or apartments. 

They’re also incredibly friendly, great with kids and chill enough to fit into your lifestyle if you’re more of an ‘indoor’ person.

As a beloved member of the family, you want to make sure they’re wearing a well-fitted, stylish, comfortable and FUNCTIONAL collar. And, with 5 years of experience designing, manufacturing and fitting Staffies in dog collars, we felt like it was high time to release the ultimate collar guide for Staffy owners…

The Right Fit

The most important aspect of your dog’s collar, no matter the breed, is the fit.

Here’s the thing - too small and it is highly uncomfortable for your dog - imagine a too-tight necklace cutting into your skin. 

Yeah, not ideal.

Too big and you risk your dog slipping out of it mid-walk and running off. Again, not ideal.

Our simple 3-step guide to finding your dog’s perfect collar fit:

  1. Get a tape measure - easy, right?;
  2. Place 2 fingers between the tape measure and your dog’s neck. This ensures it is not too tight or too loose;
  3. Measure!

On another note - if your dog is growing, which, let’s be honest, they constantly do. Even at full grown your dog’s weight will invariably fluctuate. So make sure you’ve got a collar that’s adjustable.

The ST ARGO collars have 5 holes for adjustability as your dog grows (or shrinks).

The Right Material

​​The material of your Staffy’s collar is crucial for both durability and comfort. Opt for sturdy yet soft materials such as nylon, leather, or neoprene. 

Nylon collars are lightweight, easy to clean, and come in various colours. However, the downside to these are that they are easier to chew and can fray easily. 

Leather collars are durable, stylish, and tend to soften over time, providing maximum comfort.

The ST ARGO vegan leather collar is perfect for Staffy owners who want the leather look, feel and durability - but are cruelty free. Check out of range of collars here. We also offer matching sets for your Staffy to complete the look.

Neoprene collars are ideal for active Staffies as they are water-resistant and offer extra padding for added comfort during outdoor adventures.

The downside to neoprene is they are usually not as stylish as some of the more luxe leather collars on the market... But great for rough and tumble!

Colour Matching

Last, but not least (in our eyes), the colour! Choosing the right colour for your dog’s unique coat can be the difference between a ‘meh’ collar, and one that your dog wears and gets compliments on every time they wear it out.

And because the Staffy is a short-coated breed, you can really see their collar - so choosing the best colour makes a huge difference!

Below is our suggested colour guide for Staffy’s, based on colour matching:
1. Black Staffy: Soft Blue, Pale Pink
2. White Staffy: Ruby Red, Bottle Green
3. Brindle Staffy: Lilac, Sage, Pale Pink
4. Blue Staffy: Taupe, Brown, Lilac, Sage
5. Fawn Staffy: Bottle Green, Pale Pink

We hope this was helpful! 

For any other questions on styling and sizing, as well as recommendations with ST ARGO collar care, contact us and we aim to respond within the hour!

Looking for the perfect ST ARGO collar for your Staffy? Check out the range here. 

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