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How To Size Your Dog for a ST ARGO Harness

There are HUNDREDS of different styles of dog harnesses on the market. This post aims to inform you guys on the various features of our harness, the kinds of dog's this style of harness is best for, and how to properly fit your pooch!


The ST ARGO Harness

When we were designing a harness, there were a few style notes at the top of our checklist that we wanted to ensure to cross off. 

1. The harness must be easy to put on and remove. Our harness slips easily over your pup's head and had an adjustable chest strap for ensuring the correct chest-fit. There is a vertical chest strap that runs from the neck strap to the chest strap that supports your pup if he/she pulls. 

2. The harness must be a 'no-pull' harness. There is a leash attachment both at the front (neck) of the harness, as well as on the back of the harness. This enables you to select whether you want to easily attach the harness to your pup's back, or, if he/she is a bit of a 'puller' to attach it to the neck to stop the tugging! In this scenario, when your pup starts pulling, the dog is automatically swivelled back to face you. This is TERRIFIC with puppy training!

3. The harness must be comfortable. Our harnesses are made from our signature PU leather which is lightweight. As such, it is a comfortable feel on your dog and is not heavy. In addition to this, the neck strap is loose fitting. This ensures it is easy to slip on and off when applying the harness, and means it sits at the base of your pup's neck...rather than centrally and causing discomfort and potential choking if your pup pulls.


Is this harness suitable for my dog?

The fit of this harness differentiates it from other harnesses on the market. If your dog has a delicate neck and is prone to collapsed trachea, this harness is perfect for them. The loose fit of the neck is perfect for dog's with delicate neck's. The adjustability of the chest strap ensures dog's with sensitive skin will not experience chafing under the front legs, as you are able to secure it further down your dog's back!


How do I select the correct size harness for my dog?

This one is easy! Go by the chest dimensions. As the neck strap is a loose fit, it is preferable to select the size based on the chest dimensions of the harness. These dimensions can be found in the product description (in both cm and inches). Once you have measured your dog's chest circumference (placing 2 fingers under the tape measure to ensure a comfortable fit), compare that with our sizing and select accordingly.

For example, I have just measured my Toy Cavoodle. Her chest circumference is 45cm. This corresponds with our size 'S' which has a chest circumference range of 40-55cm. She will be at the small end of this harness which means she will be on about hole 2 (out of the 5 holes on the chest strap we have).

If you need any further clarification or help with sizing, please reach out to our friendly customer service team who is always ready to lend a hand with sizing recommendations! Alternatively, you can check out our size guide.

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