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How to Choose a Dog Collar: Leather, Nylon, or Vegan Leather?

Love the luxurious look of leather, but not sure about dressing your dog in animal products? Attracted to the price tag on Nylon dog collars, but unsure about durability?
Here's 7 reasons why your dog needs a Vegan Leather Collar.
  1. Vegan Leather is a man-made product, meaning it does not have the smell of animal leather. This prevents dogs (especially pups) from being attracted to chewing the collar.
  2. Vegan Leather is far more durable than Nylon. It is proven to last longer so long as it stays relatively dry. 
  3. Vegan Leather is incredibly pliable. This allows it to mould immediately to your pup's neck for ultimate comfort. Animal leather requires time to wear in as it can be much stiffer. gives over time. 
  4. Vegan Leather tends to be less of an irritant to dogs. Many dogs have skin conditions that mean Animal Leather irritates the area. Vegan Leather is a far softer, man-made fabric that by nature is softer on sensitive skin.
  5. Nylon dog collar, when chewed, will fray and eventually deteriorate quicker than vegan leather dog collars. This means more replacement trips to the pet store. 
  6. Because of the soft nature of Vegan Leather, you are able to have St Argo dog collars personalised! This is not an option for Nylon dog collars.
  7. Our vegan leather is far lighter than animal leather. This means there is less weight on your dog’s little neck and ensures your dog can become more used to this collar than he would a chunky, heavy leather collar.

Unsure about Vegan Leather at first? Our 7 reasons why your dog needs a Vegan Leather Collar proves why this material is easier on your pup's neck, and your back pocket. Plus, we have so many great styles waiting for you to try, like our best-selling taupe dog collar.

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