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How to BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog)

Why do I need a carrier? For that matter, why does my dog need a carrier?

Here at ST ARGO HQ, we get a lot of people, like you, asking these questions. We're here to answer them. We have four reasons.


You have just brought your new family member home. It somehow feels like your own flesh and blood. You're a proud new parent. Hey, you're more than proud. You're BURSTING. You want the world to see those eyes, those ears, those.teeny.paws.


Your puppy isn't safe. Those vaccinations haven't happened yet. God forbid you let your puppy out for a walk around the block and your neighbour's dog has kennel cough. 

You need a ST ARGO dog carrier. 


Is your dog prone to overdoing it in the heat? Loves a walk but sticks to the shady section of the path? Runs across the road in the summer months because the tarmac is so dang hot?

Those little paw pads are surprisingly sensitive. As one of the few areas of your pooch not covered in fur (or hair) we can tell you, it is one of the most sensitive areas on your pup. Those cute little paw pads, they burn.

Get a ST ARGO carrier.


We really struggled to socialise our baby when we brought her home. She was tiny (1.5kg) and terrified. Kids on the street would come up to her for pats and cuddles and she quivered. Every dog around wanted to know what she was - rabbit? mouse? dog? 

A carrier is more than a bag. More than a walking accessory. It is your precious pup's home away from home. What a great way to show your pup the big bad world.


Studies show the older your dog gets, the clingier he gets. He wants to come with you. He must protect his hooman! But, those walks aren't so enjoyable any more. He struggles to put one paw in front of the other. He doesn't enjoy running for the little green rolly thing anymore - it's too hard. 

Do your dog a favour. Buy him the bag. Take him with you everywhere. Life's short. Try the LOLA dog carrier in black.

Now you have your dog carrier, check out our list of great dog-friendly hotels to bring your dog.

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