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The 7 Best Dog Harnesses for Labradors in Australia in 2024

When it comes to choosing the best dog harness for a Labrador, there are several factors to consider, such as your dog's size, activity level, and specific needs.

With thousands of dog harness options on the market, we've taken the internet's top-rated for Labradors, and created list just for you and your bestie.

We’re dog lovers and pet wear designers with four years in the biz, so we know our stuff.

Here's our list of the best harnesses for Labradors… If you want to learn more about Labradors, check out their breed guide.

ST ARGO Designer Vegan Leather Harness

Best for Luxury

The ST ARGO harness is highly rated and very popular along Labrador owners. Out of the list, it’s the most stylish option. Plus it’s functional. It offers both front and back leash attachment points, allowing you to choose the one that suits your Labrador's behaviour and walking style. 

The chest strap is adjustable and it’s easy enough to slip the neck part over your Labrador Retriever’s head. It comes with not one but two leash attachment points.

It is made from a luxuriously soft vegan leather and is lined with mesh backing to ensure durability. It also comes in a variety of 10 colours. The size extra-large is best suited to Labradors, but check the size guide to double check the fit.

XL Price: $70.00

ST ARGO luxury designer harness for labradors best

ST ARGO Luxury Designer Vegan Leather Dog Harness in Pale Pink


Julius-K9 Power Harness

Best for Walking at Night

If you’re planning to walk your dog at night, this is the harness for you. It features a sturdy handle on the top, which can be useful for controlling and guiding your Labrador. The chest strap is adjustable for a secure fit, and it also has reflective elements for enhanced visibility. If you walk your dog often at night, you should really consider a harness for them with night visibility.

Prices starting at: $50

Julius K9 Harness in Blue

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Best for Comfort

This harness is designed with safety and comfort in mind. It has five adjustment points to ensure a snug fit and features a no-pull D-ring on the front for dogs that tend to pull on the leash. The padded chest plate helps distribute pressure evenly, and it has a seatbelt tether attachment for car travel. Did you know it’s illegal to drive with your dog in your lap in Australia?

Prices starting at: $48

Kurgo Smart Harness in Black

EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

Best for Convenience

This harness is known for its ergonomic design and comfort. It has a wide chest plate that conforms to the shape of your Labrador's body, reducing the risk of chafing or discomfort. The harness has a sturdy stainless steel D-ring for leash attachment and reflective stitching for visibility in low light conditions.

Prices starting at : $40

ezydog harnessThe EzyDog Harness in Red

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

Good for Puppy and Adult Labs

This harness is a versatile choice for both an adult and Labrador puppy. The Ruffwear is a front and back clip harness which can work wonders on dog’s who pull. It has excellent reviews and has remained a popular choice with many owners of most breeds. 

Did you know Labradors puppies start out at around 4kg at 8 weeks old, and grow to roughly 32kg by the time they are one!

Prices starting at: $65

The Ruffwear dog harness is great for growing dogs. 

Rabitgoo Dog Harness

Best for Hot Weather

This is a popular no-pull dog harness. The Rabitgoo is well designed and comfortable. The harness uses breathable nylon with mesh outer lining and soft padding in the inner layer. This makes it perfect for hot days, trips to the beach and for dogs that love to roll around because it’s easy to clean.

There are two adjustable side straps. One strap located on the neck and the other on the front. As a no-pull harness, it has both a front (chest area) and back (top of the harness) leash attachment clip.

Prices starting at: $25

The Rabitgoo dog harness

The Rabitgoo dog harness is popular for Labrador owners. Although it doesn't come in many colour options.

LIFEPUL No Pull Dog Harness

Best for training

Possibly not the most attractive harnesses, but ideal for those on a budget or trying a harness for the first time. The leash attaches to a metal D-Ring at the back (top) which also includes a handle for holding your Lab in place if needed. ​​Breathable, padded and with a stitched nylon outer layer – it’s not a horrible harness. We’re not fond of the design, it’s a little bulky – but will suit some owners just fine.

Prices starting at: $15

lifepul dog harness

The LIFEPUL dog harness is slightly bulky, but it's very inexpensive.


Finding the Perfect Fit: Concluding Thoughts on Selecting the Best Harness for Your Labrador

Remember that the best harness for your Labrador may depend on their specific needs and preferences. Be mindful of whether they will be spending a lot of time in the water or walking at night. For city and suburban strolls, plays at the park, a wedding outfit or brunch date with mum, you can’t go past the ST ARGO luxury vegan leather dog harness.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Collar or a Harness for a Labrador?

Choosing between a collar or a harness for a Labrador depends on the dog's temperament, training, and needs. A well-trained Labrador that doesn't pull on the leash might be fine with a collar. However, for dogs that tend to pull or are still being leash-trained, a harness provides more control and reduces the risk of injury by distributing pressure across the chest and shoulders. Harnesses are generally more comfortable and safer for dogs, especially puppies, older dogs, or those with health issues. 

What kind of harness is best for a large dog?

The best type of harness for a large dog depends on the dog's behaviour, activity level, and any specific needs. Generally, a no-pull harness with both front and back clips is a good choice for large dogs. The front clip discourages pulling by redirecting the dog's forward momentum, while the back clip is for well-behaved dogs that don't pull.

Types of Dog Harnesses

Front and Back No Pull Dog Harness

A front and back no-pull dog harness is a type of harness that has both a front clip and a back clip for attaching a leash. This type of harness is designed to provide greater control over your dog and help prevent them from pulling on the leash.

When the leash is attached to the front clip, it discourages pulling by redirecting the dog's forward momentum back towards you, which helps train the dog to walk beside you. The back clip is more traditional and is typically used for well-behaved dogs that don't pull.

This dual-clip harness is versatile and can be used for different situations, such as training, walking, or hiking. The ability to switch between the front and back clip allows you to adapt to your dog's behaviour and needs, providing more control and preventing pulling.

Using a no-pull harness is a great way to teach your dog proper leash manners and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable walk together.

All harnesses on the list are front and back no pull dog harnesses.

Labrador Harness Size and Measurements

Measure The Chest

The most crucial part of your measurement is the chest. Take a tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of the chest (behind the front legs). 

Add a few CMs

You should add a couple of centimetres to the total to allow for movement and growth.

Measure the neck

This may not be a requirement however if the harness goes over the Lab’s neck – it’s a good idea to check. Take the tape measure and measure around the circumference of the neck. Again, add a couple of centimetres.

ST ARGO Harness Sizing

  • Note, the ST ARGO dog harness fits over your dog’s head. It is a bigger fit around the neck, as it sits at the base so as not to constrict your dog’s throat on walks. 

Don't have a tape measure? Don't worry!

Simple take a piece of string and mark the measurement with a marker. Then lay that flat against a ruler for the cm measurement!


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