black labrador wears the pale pink ST ARGO vegan leather dog collar

What Are the Best Collars For Labradors?

Have you got a Labrador Retriever (or are you welcoming one into your family?) and wondering what collar is going to be best for them?

You’re not alone.

Labradors are one of Australia’s most beloved dog breeds, and there are literally THOUSANDS of collar options to choose from!

We’re here to help sort through some of the options, and take the daunting out of choosing a collar for your bestie.

This article covers some of the top considerations you should be thinking of when choosing a collar for your Lab.

From size to weight, thickness and collar material - we’re taking a deep dive into the best collar options for Labrador Retrievers…


Standard Sizing for an Adult Labrador

The average adult Labrador has a neck measurement of approximately 46-60cm (18-24”). So any collar that fits that size range will work for a Labrador.

Keep in mind that all collar brands have different sizing, and a large in one brand will not necessarily mean a large in another.

Sizing a Collar for a Puppy Labrador

If you’re looking at purchasing a collar for a Labrador puppy, your best bet is going to be to try and attain a measurement. 

A 12 week old Labrador puppy’s neck will be approximately 20-30cm large (8-12”). This is the age where your puppy will be able to go outside after their first round of vaccinations, and so will be looking at wearing a collar. 

Need help with sizing your Labrador for a collar? Reach out to the team and we will be happy to help! We’ve got years of experience and aim to reply same day!

Best Adjustable Dog Collars for Labradors

This is a really important one - especially when selecting a collar for an adolescent lab or a puppy who is still growing. A typical Labrador puppy’s neck grow 2x every 3 months, so you’ve got to ensure the collar has room to grow with your dog. If not, you risk choking them or serious discomfort and injury.

💡Pro-Tip: The entire range of ST ARGO collars are adjustable. They have 5 holes for adjustability to grow with your pooch.

How to Size Your Labrador for a Dog Collar

Now you’ve got all the info you need, you might want to try sizing your dog for a collar. The first step is to measure their neck. Take a tape measure and place it around your dog’s neck. Place 1 finger (if a puppy) or two (if an adult or adolescent) between the neck and the tape so that you get a measurement that has a little movement and room for growth! 

That is your dog’s neck circumference.

The Best Dog Collar Thickness For Labradors

The thickness of your dog’s collar is an important consideration when selecting a well-fitted collar. 

You don’t want a collar that is too thin, for example, as this can be dangerous if your dog is pulling on the leash. 

The thicker the collar, the more evenly the weight is distributed if there is lots of pressure on the collar. But too thick and it can become an encumbrance to your dog.

💡 Pro-Tip: Roughly 2.5-3cm is the ideal width of a collar for a Labrador. 

How Much Should a Dog Collar Weigh?

With many dog breeds, you will need to give consideration to how much the collar weighs, because it could be uncomfortable on the dog. This is not such a factor for labradors, however, as they are a larger breed and so can withstand a heavier / larger collar. 

With this being said, a large collar made from a lightweight material is always preferable. 

The XL ST ARGO collar, which is the recommended size for a standard adult Labrador, weighs just 150g, and so is very comfortable and lightweight for a Labrador. 

💡 Pro-Tip: When you can, we suggest a collar that does not exceed the weight of 200g. 

Best Colour Collar for a Labrador

When you’re selecting a collar for your Lab, OF COURSE you’re going to be considering how it will look on them! That’s where selecting a colour that compliments your lab really comes into play.

The Labrador Retriever breed typically has three coat colours: blonde, chocolate and black. 

This is the fun part, because it really comes down to personal preference what colour you think will best compliment your pooch.

With this being said, allow us to make some suggestions. These are based on styling dogs (and lots of Labs) for the past four years, as well as using colour theory to recommend tones that generally look great with other colours.

Blonde Labrador: For blonde labs, we recommend selecting a colour that is going to stand out. Our Ruby Red and soft blue both really pop on a blonde coat. 

Chocolate Labrador: We love a chocolate lab! The colours that look sensational on a brown lab are our greens - sage and our darker bottle green. Green really compliments brown, and so it works to make your dog’s coat really pop and look shiny.

Black Labrador: We love a neutral tone on a black lab. Our taupe and brown colour options are classy and classic, and they really suit black coats. Just so elegant! If you’ve got a little girl, the pale pink is also stunning against black. 

A blonde Lab puppy wears our size medium Ruby Red collar

An 8 week old chocolate Lab puppy wears our size small Bottle Green collar

A black Lab puppy wears our size medium taupe collar

Collar Material - Best for Labrador Retrievers

When selecting a collar for your beloved Labrador, material is an important factor to consider. 

You want a material that is comfortable (soft), but durable, and certainly a material that will not irritate their skin.

Try and look for collars made from:

1. Vegan or real leather (strong, comfortable); or
2. Rope (strong, water-proof).


When it comes to comfortable materials, vegan leather and fabric are going to be your best options!

However, fabric collars are more likely to tear than vegan leather, as it’s less durable. If you’ve got a boisterous dog (which labs can tend to be!) this should be a consideration.


This is a big one for labradors! Labs are a high energy breed, of course they love to chill, but they also generally love to swim, play and run. For this reason, ensure you select a collar that is made from a durable material.

The most durable materials are leathers (vegan and animal), rope and chain.

💡 Pro Tip: If you own a dog that is a swimmer, we do not recommend a chain leash as they can rust.

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