The best lightweight cat collar

The Best Lightweight Cat Collar

ST ARGO is one of the best collars for cats. Our collars are made in small sizes with lightweight materials, specifically for small pets such as kittens and cats. Order your cat’s new ST ARGO collar and see for yourself.


Cat in Lilac Vegan Leather ST ARGO Collar



The average pet collar can be chunky, thick and heavy. Our competitors create bigger pet collars for larger pets, such as popular dogs breeds like Golden Retrievers, without necessarily thinking of cats!

We have made our pet collars and harnesses specifically with small pets in mind. Whilst our sizes range all the way up to extra-large, we start at an extra-small which is perfect for kittens. Our small collars are generally most suitable for full grown cats.

See below for a breakdown of our size guide, which shows neck and chest dimensions on our extra small and small collars and harnesses, most suited to cats.


Cat Collar Size Chart Guide


Not only is the length of the collars and harnesses suited to fit smaller pets, such as cats, but we have been careful in considering the thickness of the collars and harnesses. Whilst lots of our competitors make collars that are 1.5cm thick (and more) our extra small and small collars start at 1cm thick. Because the width is thinner by a third, it also makes our collars lighter than the average competitor, by a third at least.

On the issue of weight, we are aware that wearing something large and chunky is neither comfortable or safe for smaller necks. In fact, a 2014 study published in the journal Wildlife Research recommends that a cat tracker never be more than 2% of a cat's body mass. For this reason, our vegan leather is perfect. Our extra small collar, for example, weighs just 27 grams! This is the perfect size and weight for a kitten.


One of the reasons it is so important to size your cat’s collar correctly, is because if the collar is too large, your cat can easily slip out of it. If this happens and your cat runs away it may be more difficult for him or her to be picked up and safely returned to you. Ensure your cat’s collar is fitted with an ID tag so that return back to you from a rescuer is much more straightforward. In contrast, if your cat’s collar is too small this will be uncomfortable for your cat and can cause choking and irritation around the area which can present as hair-loss and eventually sores from rubbing.


Keep in mind that collars do not expand when your pet grows, and kittens grow very quickly! If not checked frequently and adjusted as needed, collars can grow into your pet’s neck and cause excruciating, constant pain. The ST ARGO collar has 5 holes for adjustability so be sure to check your kitten’s ST ARGO collar at least every week until it is full grown, and check your adult cat’s collar regularly to make sure it fits properly and is safely secured. You should be able to easily slip two or three fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck. You can see sizing recommendations through our size guide.


Nylon is a popular option for cats as it is a very lightweight material, and there are lots of nylon collars available, for cheap. However, nylon is far softer and thinner for little (but sharp) teeth to chew through, and will fray much easier than our vegan leather. Cats and kittens have incredibly sharp teeth, so this is something to be mindful of.


Our collar is composed of an inner canvas layer for strength, which is wrapped in our vegan leather and coated in an oil finish which provides protection against degredants (such as water). The composition of our vegan leather collars really have the perfect weight to durability ratio.


Something to be mindful of when selecting your cat (or kitten’s) new collar, is whether they are indoor or outdoor pets. The closure on a collar is an important consideration. The ST ARGO collars have a traditional buckle closure, which makes it very secure and difficult for your cat to get off itself. A quick-release collar is easier for a cat to get off. For this reason, we recommend the ST ARGO collar for indoor cats, and the quick release collar for cats that are outdoor cats and who could very easily get stuck when climbing outdoors over fences or trees.

Cat Collar by ST ARGO

ST ARGO is the best lightweight collar for cats.

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