Guide to Choosing the Best Collar for Your Dachshund

The Best: Collar for a Dachshund

DID YOU KNOW: Dachshund's are our most common dog breed customer?!

So, it would be remiss of us to not attend to a blog post dedicated to our short-legged lovelies.

The specific topic of this blog post?

When choosing a collar for your precious baby, what exactly should you look for?

We’re here, as usual, to help. Here’s our top tips for selecting the best collar for your long dog and why we think the best collar for your Dachshund is a ST ARGO collar (as seen in the image above | Collar Taupe)

Choosing the Best Collar Size for Your Dachshund

First up: Sizing.

This can often be tricky with sausage dogs. ESPECIALLY with harnesses, because they have such a unique shaped body, and sizing has to be made with reference to both the pup’s chest AND their neck size.

When it comes to sizing your Doxie for a collar, it really depends on the relative size of your doggo. All dogs, and in fact, all dachshunds, are different sizes…

FYI: The best way to size your dog for a collar is to use a measuring tape around the largest part of their neck (where the collar will sit). Fit the tape around your Dachshund’s neck and slip two fingers underneath. Doing this ensures the collar is not too tight, but also not too loose. The perfect fit!

Is your Dachshund a Puppy?

For example, bringing a Dachshund puppy home, means they will likely be in a size extra-small in the ST ARGO collar.. until they are at least a few months old.

Is your Dachshund on the Smaller side?

If you have a smaller Dachshund, the size small ST ARGO collar will likely fit her/him for the duration of their lifetime. For reference, the small collar is 1cm thick and fits necks of between 22 and 28cm. (see size guide)

Is your Dachshund mid-larger sized?

If you own a mid-larger Doxie with a thicker neck girth, we would recommend the size medium ST ARGO collar. This collar fits necks of between 28-38cm. 

See our size guide for more information about sizing your dog with a ST ARGO luxury collar.

Choosing the Best Collar Material for Your Dachshund

Why is it so important to make sure the collar material is right for your Dachshund?

Choosing a collar (or any accessory), means keeping your dog’s comfort in mind first. It’s nice to have a cute collar, but it’s useless if you spend a fortune on something that your pup finds uncomfortable and is constantly trying to get off.

Dachshunds are a fairly sturdy breed, especially when it comes to their skin and allergies. In contrast, a greyhound, for example, is more prone to having EXTREMELY sensitive skin when new materials come into contact with them.

 The ST ARGO vegan leather material is a man-made blend of materials in the perfect portions to create a sturdy, water-resistant and super-soft material to fit onto your Dachshund’s neck.

“so comfortable, it’s the only collar my dog will keep on…’’
 - Mariah Grey, 2023

Due to the super soft texture of our vegan leather blend, it makes it truly a luxury for your furry bestie to wear around his/her neck. The ST ARGO collar is non-abrasive and moulds perfectly to his or her little neck.

Be mindful, because the ST ARGO material is so luxuriously soft, your teething puppy might want to chew it! Our collars ARE NOT chew-proof – no collar is. Luckily, we have hardware on all collars that means any overhang can be neatly tucked beneath this little d-slot. This will help with preventing your puppy from chewing on the end of her or his brand new luxury ST ARGO collar.

What's the Best Fastening For Your Dachshund's Collar?

It’s important to choose a dog collar for your dachshund that has a proper fastening. Many brands advertise as having a ‘safety fastening’ for puppies and kittens. What this means is, the fastening pops open when the pet gets caught on an object, releasing the animal from the collar and preventing choking. This is great for cats and kittens who climb and could get caught.

However, we DO NOT recommend this type of fastening for your puppy or mature Dachshund. Dachshund’s are unlikely to get caught on object because they are not ‘climbers’ like cats. They are docile, indoor pets who really don’t need this type of collar as a safety feature. In fact, this feature may have the opposite effect.

We have heard countless reports from owners who have purchased this type of collar with the ‘safety unlocking’ fastening to try and keep their dog safe in the event of catchment. However, what this resulted in was their dog or puppy actually escaping from their collar whenever any tugging was applied on the leash.

This type of feature is rendered useless (and even dangerous) for a Dachshund and should be reserved for cat owners with very active pets.

Our luxury Aussie-designed dog collars feature a traditional buckle as the fastening on our collars. The fastening is made from a zinc alloy material that is rust-resistant and highly durable. This stunning finish is perfect for smaller dogs such a Dachshunds, because it is also lightweight, unlike stainless steel or bronze which is durable but heavy and bulky.

 FYI: To tell a fake ST ARGO from the real deal, check the hardware. All genuine ST ARGO products have our logo embossed onto the hardware as a subtle but luxurious finishing touch.

What's the Best Collar Thickness For Your Dachshund?

FYI: Dachshund’s are small dogs! The thickness of your Dachshund’s collar is going to make a huge difference to the comfort of the collar on their neck.

The extra-small and small ST ARGO collars have a thickness of 1cm, whilst the medium ST ARGO collars are 1.5cm thick. This is fairly thin for a dog collar because we always keep the comfort of the dog in mind.

A Dachshund wearing a large bulky collar is simply not going to be as comfortable as a properly-sized and thinner collar.

We don’t compromise on comfort. The ST ARGO collar is #1 most comfortable collar for your Dachshund.

Choosing a Lightweight Collar for Your Dachshund

Dogs who wear heavy and bulky collars are prone to neck damage. Repeated stress on the neck can lead to long-term medical issues – including damaging the thyroid glands and tissues around the neck area and salivary glands.

Remember: Dachshunds are a relatively small breed and so, they need a relatively small collar. The weight of our material is one of the reasons we prefer PU leather over natural leather. It is incredibly lightweight. This makes it PERFECT for a smaller breed such as a Dachshund.

For example, our XS collar for puppies is just 10 grams!

We have really left no stone unturned when it comes to the design of our luxurious dog collars. These collars are the perfect blend of aesthetic, durable and lightweight for comfort!

Growth Ability

Guess what… puppies grow! And we’ve got you sorted.

We’ve created our dog collars to accommodate puppy growth. All collars come with 5 holes to adjust your dog’s collar as she or he gets bigger!

Check out our size guide for sizing, and ask our friendly team if you need a sizing recommendation for your pup

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I check the fit of my Dachshund's collar as they grow?

It's important to check the fit of your Dachshund's collar regularly, especially during their puppy stage when they are growing quickly. Aim to check the collar fit at least once a week to ensure it's neither too tight nor too loose.

Can Dachshunds wear harnesses, and how do I choose the right one?

Yes, Dachshunds can wear harnesses, which can be beneficial for reducing strain on their necks. When choosing a harness, ensure it fits snugly but comfortably around their chest and does not impede their movement. Look for harnesses specifically designed for small breeds with elongated bodies, like Dachshunds.

What are the signs that my Dachshund is uncomfortable with their collar

Signs that your Dachshund is uncomfortable with their collar include constant scratching at the neck, trying to remove the collar, visible redness or irritation under the collar, and unusual behaviour such as lethargy or excessive nervousness.

Are there any specific features to look for in a collar for Dachshund puppies

For Dachshund puppies, look for collars that are adjustable to accommodate growth, made from soft, lightweight materials to prevent discomfort, and have durable yet easy-to-use buckles. It's also beneficial if the collar has multiple adjustment holes to ensure a proper fit as the puppy grows.

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