Our top tips to choosing the best harness for your dog

How To: Choose the Best Harness For Your Dog

How do I pick the best harness for my dog?

Making the selection between the THOUSANDS of options of dog harnesses on the market is no mean feat. From our owner & CEO, Maggie, here are some points to consider, when choosing a harness for your dog, from her experience of designing and owning a pet brand:

Is your dog a 'puller'?

There’s a reason no-pull harnesses are the top trending search for dog harnesses. It’s also a question we get asked the most, says Maggie. A no-pull harness means, if you have a dog that is a ‘puller’ there is an attachment point which stops the dog pulling you along. The ST ARGO harnesses are, of course, no pull. They have been designed with a leash attachment point on the front of the harness. So, when you attach your ST ARGO leash to this point, and your dog pulls, it simply flips them around, preventing tugging. It’s widely recognised as the go-to design in the dog training arena. There's nothing fun about a dog walk that's really just a game of tug-o-war. If you are looking to purchase both a harness and lead, check out our harness walk sets or shop by individual product.

Is your dog large or small?

You’re going to want to figure out the correct harness fit for your pup to ensure maximum comfort.

Take your dog’s measurements correctly according to the ST ARGO harness size guide. The neck girth should be taken from the base of the neck (not the middle of the throat) and the chest girth from the widest point (under the armpits).

GOLDEN RULE: If your dog is in-between sizes of the harness, always size up. At the end of the day, your dog is not going to be comfortable if the harness is cutting into them because it is slightly too small. Also, consider adding a centimeter or two if your dog gets extra fluffy!

If you have a large dog, consider the durability of the harness - is it acceptable for dogs of this size? Will it last with the extra weight?

Are you taking your dog for city, or seaside walks?

If you’re planning lots of trips to the beach, this means there’s going to be lots of sand and saltwater making its way into the harness. For some harnesses this can cause degradation.

Look for quick-drying harnesses - nylon, mesh and neoprene are great options!

Please note: Although ST ARGO harnesses are sturdy and durable, they are not suitable for use in saltwater. Vegan leather is not a water-proof material. 

Is your dog a puppy, or fully grown?

If your dog is a puppy, you really want to introduce them to harnesses with the least amount of ‘faffing around’ as possible.

Having an over-head harness is a great idea. This means it easily slips over your pup. The more simple the design, the better. Puppies get bored quickly and fiddling around with a harness for too long can result in a disinterested puppy.

Additionally, ensure the harness is lightweight if you have a puppy. The last thing you want is something that is too heavy for their little body with lots of buckles and clips. Minimal is better.

Our vegan leather harness, take our Sage Harness in size Small for example, is super lightweight which makes it an attractive option for puppies. 

Finally, make sure it is adjustable. Puppies grow! Inevitably, your puppy will eventually outgrow their first harness, but you don’t want your puppy to outgrow its brand new harness in a couple of weeks.

If you're debating a collar for your new puppy, check out or info post on choosing the best collar for a puppy.  

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