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Best Treat Pouch for Dog Training

How We Designed The BEST Dog Treat Pouch...

silicone dog treat holder featuresWe've listed some of our non-negotiables when it comes to dog treat holders.

When it comes to dog treat holders, there’s hundreds of options on the market. Where do you start?

A waterproof, safe, easy-to-clean dog treat pouch is essential to your dog walking kit, whether you're a professional dog walker or a dedicated dog mum/dad. 

We love the idea of keeping dog treats on hand in order to train and reward our dogs, but didn’t want to bring a plastic bag around everywhere, didn’t want to stuff our pockets with smelly treats, and didn’t love the bulkier ‘packs’ that are dominating the market.

As dog experts, owners, lovers and product designers, we scoured the web, and ultimately couldn’t find anything available that we would actually use. We wouldn’t be caught out with ANY of these options

In this article, we break down the qualities of the best dog treat pouch on the market: The ST ARGO Silicone Treat Pouch.

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Must-Have Treat Pouch Features

We spent TWO YEARS, designing, creating and testing a dog treat pouch that: 

  1. Is hygienic;
  2. Is a convenient size - not too bulky;
  3. Is easy to use;
  4. Is portable;
  5. Is durable; and
  6. Is something we WANT to carry - Looks good!

#1 Treat Pouches Should Be Hygienic!

bpa free dog treat pouchComparing the ST ARGO treat pouch to another popular Australian brand is useful. The easy-clean, germ repellant functions of the silicone treat holder are very hard to beat.

You're feeding your dog out of these. Treat holders are a breeding ground for germs, if left unclean.
The ST ARGO treat pouch is made of the highest quality food-grade silicone. We spent months formulating a silky smooth and BPA free material that is perfect for holding dog treats. Being BPA-free means that it does not contain any traces of Bisphenol-A. There are concerns regarding the safety of BPA and its ability to leach into foods. For this reason, you should always ensure your dog’s food-holding products are always BPA free.

The silicone composition is dishwasher friendly, which is highly convenient for busy dog parents. Being able to wash your dog treat holder at will means you are reducing the risk of contamination and bacteria build up in the container.

#2 Consider the Size: Too Bulky??

Whilst the holder on the right is also made of silicone, it may contain BPAs, it's not compact and squishy and the attachment function is limited. 

The ST ARGO Treat Pouch measures around 7cm long and is rounded ensuring a maximum fill area. This means, whilst it is a small product, the volume is maximised and you are able to fit ample treats.

Encourages Regular Filling: 

We believe the smaller shape of the product also aids in hygiene quality for your pooch - as it means you are not able to overfill and leave expired treats sitting in the pouch for weeks (or even months).

#3 Is it Easy To Use?

Is it ergonomically designed? Is it easy to open? Is it going to be a pleasure to use? YEP!

This might sound straightforward, but there are a surprising number of treat holders that are very difficult to actually get treats out of. Like the big deep pouches that you have to dig around in and end up dirtying your whole hand in the process... gross.

The ST ARGO treat pouch has an easy opening feature. Because of its soft silicone gel composition, you simply squeeze together the sides and the pouch pops open, revealing the treats. 

“How quickly your dog gets his reward can also have an impact on training. If you take too long to deliver the treat, your dog can become confused about what exactly he’s being rewarded for.” – Stephanie Gibeault of the American Kennel Club

Additionally, the open nature of the pouch means that fresh air is able to circulate around the treats. This prevents bacteria build up which causes stink!

Whilst the Treat Pouch has an open design, it has also been ergonomically created to keep treats in - never worry about treats falling out.

#4 How are you Carrying Your Treat Pouch? 

When it comes to dog training, Small Door Vet says its absolutely essential to be consistent. This means, you’re going to need to bring treats with you, for training, at all times. 

The ST ARGO treat pouch has a handy clip attachment that is the perfect size for attaching to just about anything, ensuring you never have to go without again.

ST ARGO Treat Pouch attaches to your:

  1. Belt loop;
  2. Bag;
  3. Dog's Leash;
  4. Keys.

Your dog will thank you, and you’ll thank us later!

#5 Is it Going to Last? 

Dog training is an investment in your time, and lets be honest, you’re going to go through a fair amount of treats. You want to ensure your treat pouch will last a while!

Unlike fabric treat holders that can wear down over time, or hard plastic holders that can melt in the sun or crack when stepped on, the silicone composition of the ST ARGO Treat Pouch is INCREDIBLY durable. 

Not only is it waterproof and snap-proof, it’s also scratch-proof and designed for regular washing (in the dishwasher, by hand, heck, even with a hose!).

Bring it with you everywhere, and don’t fuss over it! It’s virtually indestructible!

#6 Does it Suit Your Style? How Likely Are You to Wear it? 

The chicest dog training gadget on the market.

Like all ST ARGO products, the treat pouch was designed with YOU in mind. It’s a product that you’ll be happy to wear.

It’s made in a stunning beige colourway which means dirt and marks are hidden, and it matches any outfit.

Check out our viral dog training treat pouch here and thank us later!!!

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