Top Pick: The Best Designer No Pull Dog Harness in Australia..

The Best No Pull Dog Harness in Australia

Discover the Benefits of a No-Pull Dog Harness: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhanced Walks and Training

No-pull pup harnesses are the flavour of the moment. Some of you may be nodding your head in agreement, whilst some of you may be thinking, 'What the heck is a 'no-pull' harness, anyway?'.

Well, we're here to inform, criticise, and dissect. 

We've got no less than four years experience in designing and testing no pull harnesses.. and feedback to boot.

We’re breaking down all the top features of our ST ARGO dog harness - designed in Melbourne, by us.

From sizing; to the famous 'no pull' function, we're helping answer some of your most-asked questions.

ST ARGO Designer Dog Harness Features

1. No Pull Function

2. Highest Quality Vegan Leather Composition 

3. Wide Range of Sizes (from XS to XL) 

4. Ten Colourways to Choose From

5. 100’s of 5-Star Reviews

6. Lightning Fast Shipping, In-House Customer Service, and Aftercare


What is a No Pull Dog Harness?

This is a great place to start. A no pull vest refers to a harness with a front clip attachment (at the dog's chest). Attaching a leash to the front of your fur baby, means that every time they pull, they are actually swivelled around to face you. This discourages pulling by quickly teaches them that pulling gets them (literally) nowhere. Genius.

The Best No Pull Dog Harness

The ST ARGO dog vest has multiple lead clip points. The first is at the dog’s back and the second is at the front of the harness which is what technically makes it an anti pull dog harness.

 no pull harness attachment point st argoPale Pink Dog Harness: Two attachment points on the harness for training, convenience and safety.

The benefit to having multiple leash attachment points is threefold for: convenience; training; and safety.

Convenience of Having Multiple Leash Attachment Points

Having two leash clip points simply means you have the luxury of choice!  You may find it more convenient when walking your dog to have the lead adjusted at the front or back of the harness. It’s really up to you.

Training Benefits of a No Pull Dog Harness

If you utilise the front clip point, every time your dog tugs they will be flipped to face you. This is the no pull function. petMD says the no pull dog harness helps you gain control and will help improve your pup’s leash skills.

Health Benefits of a No Pull Dog Harnesses

The ST ARGO dog harness has been strategically designed to sit below the level of your dog’s throat, completely removing any chance of injury to their throat and trachea caused by choking. These are sensitive spots, especially with excitable pulling and tugging from your dog. For dog breeds with especially delicate necks, it's best to select a no pull dog harness to avoid risk of a trachea collapse. This includes: Yorkshire Terriers, Whippets and Italian Greyhounds.

Highest Quality Materials Used

The ST ARGO designer dog harness was curated with style and comfort in mind. The composition is a vegan leather which makes our products 100% cruelty free. We spent years finding the highest-grade vegan leather on the market. The material is supple to the touch and flexible which allows it to mold to your dog's unique form. It’s durable enough to withstand long runs and park plays. We’ve even treated the material with a waterproofing oil coating to ensure longevity when used around water.

French Bulldog in ST ARGO designer no pull dog harnessThe Taupe Harness: Our material composition has taken years to refine. It's supply but sturdy, soft but water-resistant. Leather-look but cruelty free. 

Wide Range of Sizes

It’s important to choose the right size harness for your dog to ensure their comfort and safety. This means ensuring the fit is not so small that it rubs your dog and causes irritation. This is especially important when training your puppy to get used to their harness. If the harness is uncomfortable, they are going to be more hesitant to use it.

It’s also important that you don’t select a harness that is going to be too big for your dog. If the harness is too big, your dog could slip out and run off mid-walk.

The ST ARGO dog harness comes in a range of sizes. From extra small, which caters to small dog breed puppies and Chihuahuas, to extra large which fit large dog breeds such as Labradors.

French bulldog puppy in ST ARGO no pull dog harnessST ARGO large dog harness designer no pull golden retriever

Bottle Green and Navy Harnesses. Our sizing ranges from XS as shown on this 8 week old French Bulldog puppy all the way up to XL - shown on this Golden Retriever. 

Need help with sizing? Head to our size guide to select the perfect fit for your pooch.

To Measure Your Dog: Take a tape measure around your dogs chest (the largest point behind their front legs) and size according to 'chest dimensions' when using our guide.

Large Range of Colour Options

We’ve reinvented the dog harness through colour. At ST ARGO, we’re all about colour. That’s why we’ve released our designer no pull dog harness in no fewer than ten stylish colourways!

Spring in the air? Why not opt for our Lilac Purple harness or Sage Green harness?

Winter on the way? How about opting for our Navy or Bottle Green harness for something a little darker and sophisticated... for the cooler months?

Of course, we don’t forget the V.I.Ds (Very Important Dogs) who are honorary guests at their parents' weddings. The Taupe dog harness is a popular option for V.I.Ds as it seamlessly blends into the neutral wedding palette. Contemporary elegance.

Shiba Inu in the ST ARGO designer vegan leather no pull cream harness
Taupe Harness: We've perfected the PERFECT wedding harness for your dog. It's their day too.

If you’re having trouble choosing between one of our ultra-chic colourways for your dog, reach out to the team via the contact us form or our online chat! We have an archive of THOUSANDS of dog photos so we can help you select the perfect dog harness for your dog!

100’s of 5 Star Reviews

The pet market is an incredibly competitive niche. We’ve carved our way out by providing quality, affordable and super chic dog gear that has customers coming back for more.

Want proof? We have an above market average for returning customers and 100’s of 5 star reviews across our website and socials.

Lightning Fast Shipping

We know it’s important in this day and age to be able to get your goods quickly. Life moves fast.

That’s why we offer next day express shipping on all orders. We ship with Auspost or Couriers Please, depending on who provides the fastest shipping at that particular moment in time - it varies!

We also provide lightning fast customer service for all enquiries, this includes post-purchase. We care about our customers (both two and four legged) and this means providing top-notch in-house customer service, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

 The Round-Up

So, whether you’re shopping for an extra-small harness for your puppy or Pomeranian, or choosing the perfect harness for your wedding day, or even selecting a stylish but sensible dog training harness, the ST ARGO designer dog harness has you covered.

 Check out our entire dog harness range here.

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